2013 (Hello World!)

So far its been a good year. Despite the fact that I have been sick for most of it. So 2013 started with me not working (Dr’s orders). For those that know me, know that I love to work. I like staying busy, It’s all I know. At the same time I’ve been wondering what is the next project I’m going to start. Currently I am leaning towards something that has to do with management training. I have been successful with my management style for 10 years now and I have been able to pass that down over and over and have been able to teach others to be successful inΒ management. The biggest obstacle is always the people that work under them. I had a manager for a retail electronics store call me a few weeks back and they were asking me what kind of questions they should ask their employees to be able to better understand them and help them be successful in their job. When he called me the month was still December and he was $7k shy of his sales goal. Currently we are 1/3 into January and he is $7.5k above his sales goal. I didn’t keep up with him to see how his chats with his employees went, as a matter of fact it was another manager for the same company that told me how well he was doing and updated me on some of the tactics he was using which were some of the things I had encouraged him to try. So if anybody else needs help, I am always willing to help. So if you need me I can always be found on twitter @oscarmflores


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