A Huge Meal and Some Frank Ocean

The day began yesterday at about 3 p.m I did my usual Thursday rounds: some visiting some errands (keep in mind I’m technically not supposed to be working – Drs Orders) and then My wife and I while we were in town decided to get something to eat. So we go eat at a Mexican restaurant. We always start with the Guacamole appetizer and our son which is 2 and a half years old starts with the chips and salsa. After eating up most of the chips and guacamole we finally order. Our daughter which is just 6 months old was getting all of my wife’s attention because she was hungry. So my wife fed her one of those baby food in a pouch things which by the way are very convenient because it’s a pouch of food that has a screw on lid. So she screws off the lid and attaches a spoon which attaches right to the end of the pouch. So after the baby ate then my wife decided to look at the menu… It’s incredible she can watch both kids make dinner and do chores all at once but she couldn’t feed the baby and look at the menu. Anyways so she finally decided on what she would eat. After only eating about half of it she asks for a box and we get ready to go. She make a comment about being stuffed and then goes on to add that some stone cold would be nice. So on the way home I took a detour and get some ice cream, since it was a nice 40^F degrees outside. Being stuffed as we were I decided we should go to the local Best Buy to walk off the huge meal. While there we walked around for about an hour and joked about some of the products and just had a good time. I saw a CD I wanted there, it was the new Frank Ocean album, Channel Orange. The first time I heard one of his songs I laughed and thought it was ridiculous, so I made some comment about how I hate Pandora sometimes and I hit next on my phone. It was his song “Thinking Bout You.” A few days later I was humming this song. I normally listen to Pandora just about everyday at least 4 hours at the beginning of my day while at work. So slowly this song had creeped up into my playlist. 


Then I heard another Frank Ocean song and then another. Next thing I know I’ve heard most of his album and I liked it. What really did it for me was his song Pyramids how half way through the song it changes up completely and almost sounds like it’s a different song. 

The first few times I heard this song I actually thought it was two different songs until one day while I had Pandora playing on my computer while I did some work I looked and noticed it was just one song. So while I was at the store I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to spend 

money on a hard copy, when I could just get it on Itunes. Since my car doesn’t have a way for my to play music from my phone on it I decided to get the CD. In any case I recommend it. It’s a pretty good album.



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