Up All Night

Who would have thought that not being able to sleep could make money….well it takes a lil more that not sleeping, like working, but it all started when I was about 19. I worked day and night for the most part and occasionally I would have some nights off. It was at around this time that I had taken an interest in computer hardware. Determined, I wanted to build a computer. So one night I was up all night and I learned all I could for one night about computer hardware. The next night I built a computer. Yep just like that. I was so happy I decided to build a few more. Now I had all these computers I built(about 6) now what? Well I decided to start selling them. Then I built a few more and sold those too. What was funny about this is that I was still paying off that HP I had bought from best buy the year before. I did this for about a year I was just building them for fun and because I could not sleep. At some point I ended up just giving a few away just because I wanted to build them. Then I had school and work and all this stuff taking up my time so I had to stop building computers. A year later or so again I couldn’t sleep so I got licensed to sell insurance and securities and did that for a while. Then work caught up with me again so I got back to that. Then it was web design I did that one for about 4 years(so far) then it was driving a taxi then I started a taxi company. One night I decided to make my company official and I setup my marketing company as an actual company instead of me just freelancing. So pretty much in the last almost decade I have made a career of staying up all night. And yes through all this I have also had a day job, sometimes I would make my side ventures full time jobs but unfortunately I have to have several outlets to be able to be fulfilled with what I do. for the last almost 3 years I have had an early AM job which starts at 4AM so my days begin at 3AM and then I have a day job, I then fit in my freelancing in between. I am hoping that this year I can focus on just one job, we’ll see how that goes. As always I’m always available if you need me and I am always just here to serve.


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