What to expect when you’re inspecting:

Almost didn’t get a post out for March. That’s no bueno. I have just been working so much that I had not yet had time to post something. But out of all that work, while I had many things to face, this was something I presented to a Manager who is having trouble doing his job not understanding how to get the results he desires from his employees. I have carried this concept with me for about 10 years and I actually wrote this a while back and I felt that this was very well suited for this manager. The following is only an excerpt from the topics I have written about I think I will soon start posting other parts to this later, but for now this will do. So if you are also a manager that struggles with getting the desired result from your staff read this:


Many times you will have expectation of what you want and many times you know how you would do it. But how can you have the same expectation for others that don’t believe what you believe. All you can do is influence them. The expectation of something is nothing less than the result you desire. For example when you assign a task to an employee and then they don’t do it, you can’t just discipline the employee for not doing the task. First you have to find out why they didn’t do it. If it’s because they ran out of time, analyze their day by asking them what they did at work and for how long. If you can identify the area that you believe could have been more productive, then let them know where they could have saved time to have gotten the task done. If the task was done poorly, find out why. If you find out again that they just didn’t have the time to do it right, go over their day and identify the area that would have allowed them to do it properly. If they didn’t do the task or do it right because they had the time but just didn’t know how. Make sure you go over it with them, even if you have to be next to them as they complete it to make sure it’s to your standards. This way next time when you ask for a similar task to get done, it will be done right and to your expectations. If however they didn’t do the task or did it poorly because they just didn’t care, then give them a reason to care. Not everybody has a sense of responsibility and for those that don’t, you have to make sure that they are doing their job properly by you doing your job properly. Many times those that don’t care don’t care because they see that you only care enough to get by, but not necessarily enough to wholly do your job. This kind of employee feels that their amount of responsibility is very little, so they will do less than their job requires because they feel that if they were to meet what you believe their level of responsibility is, then they would be over reaching and entering an area which is, “not [their] job.” This is very common when the employee is young and doesn’t have much personal responsibility in their everyday life. I have known many Managers to have had this experience, myself included, so how do you deal with this? Most managers’ first instinct, especially when the employee is inherited, is to fire them. But this is the kind of employee that needs the most help. Spend time with them and let them know that they are a valuable part of your team. Besides, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. So make that weak link one of your strongest. You must inspect everything they do from showing up in proper dress code to showing up on time, making sure they did their job and making sure they are getting along with their co-workers. Once you have the basics down and they realize that they can do their job just as good as most other employees, then you can start focusing on their improvement over par. So once you have done this, then you can expect your employees to be up to your standards. But more than expecting, it takes inspecting.


Through this philosophy I have been able to create exemplary employees out of those that other managers had given up on. Through the years I have tossed responsibility and belief towards the employees that nobody wanted to have work for them. In my experience most employees just want a manager that can be understanding and who believes in them. They want a manager who will stand up for them and be honest with them. This is what I bring to the table and through the years it has created a culture, within the industries and companies where I have worked, of harmony and a need to excel and be the best.

As always if there is anything I can do for you do not be afraid to get in contact with me. And remember I am simply here to serve. 951-707-8474 


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