Hire Me!

Save money!

Do you have a manager that is just not performing? Or employees who don’t understand their job?
Why fire one of your managers when you could save money and fix your current one?
Why go through a whole new staff when you can make  your current staff productive and successful?

Learning a process is not that hard, a lot of employees and managers know how to do their job, what they lack is the motivation or the understanding of what their job is and why they should do it and do it to the best of their ability.

Hire me today I will come in and help your staff or management function more efficiently.

This is not an overnight project. This kind of training can be provided and you can hire me month to month or in 3,6, or 12 Month Increments.

Working for several different companies as well as owning and starting up a few companies, I have the knowledge to run a business. In addition being able to work with large groups of people has allowed me to prove time and time again that my management style is effective and has been for the last 10 years.


  • Multi-Unit Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Retail Experience
  • Office Experience
  • Warehouse Experience
  • Staff Recruiting
  • New Hire Trainer
  • Management Trainer
  • Business Development

I have worked with:

  • Retail Chains
  • Small Businesses
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Start Ups

You can read more about me or get in contact with me today!

Oscar M. Flores


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