So is it business development, marketing or consulting?

What do you mean business development? That is the question I always get when I tell people it’s what I do for a living. Business development is best described by Scott Pollack on Forbes as, “…the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.”  However, I would never use that definition to describe it. Not that I find that definition to be incorrect or anything, but rather I find it to be a bit too complex. To keep it simple I just tell people that I help build businesses. Realistically that’s what I do, by building a business and all that is involved with in a business, I am creating long term value for the organization. To further expand on all that I do, I also cover marketing, recruiting and consulting; business consulting to be more precise, which is also knows as business development (depending on the source for the definition). I hope you can see the loop that has been created by expanding; this kind of takes me back to square one where I just say business development. If you want it broken down a little better here it goes:

  • Business Development: building relationships, customers and markets.
  • Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communication(IMC) approach to reach desired customers in desired markets.
  • Recruiting: hiring well qualified people to effectively play a key role within IMC.
  • Consulting: All of the above hired by an outside company for a period of time.

I have had conversations with other professionals within the industries and some have disagreed with the way I define my business. I understand the objections when each item above is broken down into technical terms, because their definitions without specifics can be very vague. However I believe that at the end of the day it covers building a business. That’s why I prefer to say I help build businesses for a living. Now, if only there was a word to define that.

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Managing young people

I have dealt with a few managers who are quick to judge when it comes to their employees. I hear it all the time, “I want to get rid of this employee.” Every time a manger tells me they want to get rid of somebody, I always want to know why. While there are many reasons for why they want to get rid of somebody, I feel that managers just don’t want to put the work into a troublesome employee. I got a call today from a young man who I trained into management. He was upset because one of his employees was met by the managers District Manager and the employee was out of dress code, disrespectful, and violating company policies. He wanted to know what he should do. I chuckled a little because I could remember a time when this manager was guilty of doing the same thing before being a manger. This was only a year ago when he was going through the same type of situations. He let me know that he wanted to get rid of the employee and of course, I asked him, “why?” He let me know that the employee had been being disrespectful and had not really been doing well. I asked him, “What do you think I would do in this situation?” I said to him, “you have been letting him do this for the last four weeks for twenty five hours a week. You know I would not let you get away with this. As a matter of fact I did not let you get away with any of that.” One time while he was under my supervision, he decided to be out of dress code while at work, I let him know that if I caught him out of dress code again, I would send him home and reduce his schedule until he could learn how to be at work in proper dress code. So one day before the end of a business day I showed up to check up on them and this young man was once again out of dress code. Nothing too severe, he was just not wearing his name badge. But he was out of dress code. So I sent him home and reduced his schedule just like I said I would. He was never out of dress code again. Through several conversation he finally straightened up. He saw the effects of the things I passed onto him not only at work, but also in his personal life. So when he called me for advice, I told him, “You were just like that, do you remember? Your manager and his manager wanted to fire you, do you remember that?” I advised him to have a conversation with his employee and be firm but understanding. 

Many times managers see an employee’s bad attitude or lack of work ethic as the cause of problems. The reality is that the attitude and work ethic is the effect of the employees personal life. As manager many times one does not want to get involved with their employees personal issues. But if they are not too severe where professional help is needed, then getting involved is exactly what is needed to effectively handle these issues. For example, I had a manager tell me last week that one of their employees which he recruited was not doing so well. He had only had her there for a couple of months and already want to get rid of her. The position she has is a sales associate. She is very personable and not shy or afraid to ask for the sale. The problem is that she tends to lack knowledge and is always looking to have the answers handed to her with out any effort. I see this as a problem passed down from the relationship between her and her parents. They are all nice people but when they interact with each other, her parents treat her like she is five years old and she accepts it. As a manager to have an effective employee, sometimes it is necessary to touch on these points. It is important to let her know that she is an adult, because she is, and need to learn how to find answers through sources that are readily available through company training and through the all mighty power of the internet. It is important to establish when it is acceptable to ask questions, but to push for an independent approach. 

Dealing with young people is not easy. But, if one digs into their managerial bag of tricks, they can find a way to develop a well rounded employee who is thoughtful and independent. Each situation requires a full understanding of the situation and the solution is not always straight forward, but I believe that always with out exception, there is an exception. So as a problem solver by lining up the right questions and techniques, one can get to the bottom of managing young people.

If you have any question, please feel free to reach out to me. 951-707-8474. And remember I am here to serve, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

Dr’s Orders

So as I stated before I started 2013 stuck at home… or rather not at work. I have already been home for about a month and still have another 15 days to go. What this has allowed me to do is make the time to renew my real estate license. No I don’t necessarily work in the industry, but I do need it when I work with real estate companies. 2012 was actually a success in my marketing and consulting services. I think in the next couple of week I will come up with a plan to implement my management consulting services. For whatever reason I am having trouble finding a way to market it. I guess its time to pull out the old legal pad and start just jotting down my ideas. Its kind of exciting, starting a new venture. Last year one of the services I added in what I do was wireless communication services and that went pretty well. Well this was more of me just putting my thoughts out there. For those who follow thank you and if you have any questions for me, I’m always willing to help.