So is it business development, marketing or consulting?

What do you mean business development? That is the question I always get when I tell people it’s what I do for a living. Business development is best described by Scott Pollack on Forbes as, “…the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships.”  However, I would never use that definition to describe it. Not that I find that definition to be incorrect or anything, but rather I find it to be a bit too complex. To keep it simple I just tell people that I help build businesses. Realistically that’s what I do, by building a business and all that is involved with in a business, I am creating long term value for the organization. To further expand on all that I do, I also cover marketing, recruiting and consulting; business consulting to be more precise, which is also knows as business development (depending on the source for the definition). I hope you can see the loop that has been created by expanding; this kind of takes me back to square one where I just say business development. If you want it broken down a little better here it goes:

  • Business Development: building relationships, customers and markets.
  • Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communication(IMC) approach to reach desired customers in desired markets.
  • Recruiting: hiring well qualified people to effectively play a key role within IMC.
  • Consulting: All of the above hired by an outside company for a period of time.

I have had conversations with other professionals within the industries and some have disagreed with the way I define my business. I understand the objections when each item above is broken down into technical terms, because their definitions without specifics can be very vague. However I believe that at the end of the day it covers building a business. That’s why I prefer to say I help build businesses for a living. Now, if only there was a word to define that.

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In every decision somebody has to lose.

As I stated last month, I have a whole series of leadership training which I have personally lived by and passed on to those whom I have trained into management. This post is about making decisions. I have met many managers that have a very childish and selfish sense of their position as a leader. They believe that because they are in charge, they should get to do whatever they want. But the truth is that as the leader they have a responsibility to those that work under their leadership. Through this responsibility, they must understand that their decisions can help them build a great staff that depend on their leadership and decisions, or an unhappy staff that loathe their selfish decisions. While a managers job is not necessarily to make everybody happy, it is to keep moral high to get the best productivity out of their staff. So for this, I have written the following:  

Sometimes it’s hard to make decisions especially when they are tough ones. However the level of difficulty is a sense of perception. And this perception changes with attitude and experience. Many times when a decision needs to be made, it may affect you or another person in a negative way. If somebody is below your leadership and the decision you make will either affect you or your employee negatively, make sure you take the pressure off of them and let it affect you. Besides, you are the leader, they should not have to be negatively impacted because of your choices. This sometimes comes down to small choices such as, “Both my employee and I want to take the same day off but I need somebody to be here at work that day.” In my opinion, this is a no brainer, let your employee have the day off, besides it’s not them that committed to the full responsibility of your job, they have only committed to their job, with the expectation that they can still have a personal life. However in the same instance if you have an employee who is seeking to move ahead within the company and they are under your leadership, then it is ok to have them work the day they were hoping to have off. This would serve as an example of what is expected of them when they actually move up within the company or maybe take a higher position at another company. 

If you have a situation that you need help making a decision with, feel free to reach out. I am always available and I am here to serve. 951.707.8474